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What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Does It Mater to You?

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising wherein affiliates help to promote your offer by driving traffic to your offers and sales funnels.

Affiliate marketing usually brings higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising because you are using the power of affiliates who have already built relationships with YOUR target audience.



Once you have build a successful affiliate program, your brand will quickly start to be recognized as a reputable company that affiliate partners want to do business with. Companies with solid offers and strong affiliate support attract more active affiliate partners.


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About Me

I am a certified direct response marketer with over 20 years of online marketing experience.  I created my first offer in the health and wellness space back in 2003.  With printed information package and supplements I build a list of over 350,000 email subscribers and sold over a million dollars worth of health and wellness products. I managed a marketing department for one of Agora’s health divisions. I am currently managing the affiliate program for the Advanced Bionutritionals nutritional supplements brand. I also coach new affiliates and online business owners for the Affiliate Accelerator coaching program created by Amber Spears and the East 5th Avenue team. When I am not working, I like hanging out with my mom friends, volunteer at my kids elementary school, cook healthy meals, and spend time with my family


Not only does Maria have a deep understanding of online marketing strategies, she also has the ability to effectively network and build strong relationships. She has a unique combination of sharp analytical thinking along with a creative vision. Maria's passion for the industry is truly inspiring. Her great attitude and superb communication skills makes her such a pleasure to collaborate with. Anybody would be lucky to work with her.
Russel Avery
Editorial and Production Manager
I had the pleasure of working with Maria at The Agora, where she was the Associate Publisher. Marias passion for marketing is contagious! In a fast-paced environment where things quickly change, Maria was able to take on multiple projects flawlessly. Her knowledge of the business showed in her ability to manage product launches from start to finish that were effective. She was able to foster great relationships with JV partners that have turned into years of great partnerships for us here at INH. She showed incredible leadership and was able to communicate her ideas effectively across multiple departments. Maria has the knowledge and the drive to help take your business to the next level.
Ambar Jones
Senior Marketing Manager @ Banyan Hill Pub lishing
Working with Maria was very educational. She knows a lot about all aspects of online marketing and has been in the industry for years. I worked with her for 3 years and learned so much from her. Maria is hard working, very independent but can also work in a group setting. She handles multiple projects at a time flawlessly and works well under pressure. While working under her, she always managed to keep each project on a timeline which helped the team stay on track to help achieve our goals. Having Maria on your team is a huge asset! You will take your business to the next level with her heart, knowledge and dedication.
Sarah Lawson
Retention Manager @ New Market Group

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